KeyDevil Hardware Keylogger

KeyDevil Hardware Keylogger

KeyDevil is the original hardware keylogger - not a knock-off. A KeyDevil Hardware keylogger is a device that is plugged in between your keyboard cable and your computer (CPU) and records keystrokes as they are typed. KeyDevil keyloggers are ready to record the instant they are plugged in - there is no monitoring software to install. Once your keylogger is plugged in, you will see every key typed including: e-mail, chat, instant messaging, web searches and more! Your KeyDevil hardware keylogger will store everything inside its own internal Flash memory and can be accessed via our easy to use log viewer.

  • Easy to use. No software required for recording.
  • Installs in seconds, just plug it in.
  • Can be unplugged and information retrieved on another PC.
  • Uses no system resources.
  • Excellent real-time backup device.

To install the external KeyDevil hardware keylogger you simply unplug the keyboard cable from the back of the PC, plug it into one end of the KeyDevil, then plug the other end back into the PC.

KeyDevil hardware keyloggers protect computer resources and increase computer security. Record and retrieve everything typed, including emails, chatroom activity, instant messages, website addresses, search engine searches and more with KeyDevil plug-in keylogger.

Several areas have been identified where a hardware keylogger, like the KeyDevil, is in great demand:

  • As a key logger tool for computer fraud investigations.
  • As a monitoring device for detecting unauthorised access.
  • As a deterrent, to prevent unacceptable use of company resources.
  • As a back up tool which creates a log of all keystrokes typed on a keyboard.
  • As a stealth device to record chat and email conversations.

While shopping for your keylogger, keep in mind that: ALL SOFTWARE KEYLOGGERS CAN SLOW DOWN YOUR COMPUTER'S PERFORMANCE AND BE DETECTED BY ANTI-VIRUS and ANTI-SPY PROGRAMS BECAUSE THEY ARE STORED ON YOUR HARD DRIVE! Your computer will never know a KeyDevil hardware keylogger is there which means it can never be detected or disabled by any anti-virus/spy software!.